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Charlottetown Schedules - Serving the city of Charlottetown

Effective September 12, 2015 please refer to the Charlottetown Evening Route 1 schedule for revised changes for the evening route 1.

T3 Airport and Winsloe Collector - Airport- Winsloe-Sears

Effective September 14, 2015 the bus that leaves the mall at 5:15 PM will pick-up/drop-off at MacAleer & Brackley Point Road at 5:18 PM.  The bus will then travel to the Sherwood Business Centre where transfers to the #2 bus can be made to travel downtown.

Charlottetown Evening Route 1

30 minute service on University Avenue effective September 12, 2015

Charlottetown Sunday

Sunday schedule effective September 13, 2015

Cornwall Schedules - Connecting Cornwall and Charlottetown 


 Stratford Schedules- Connecting Stratford and Charlottetown


QEH & East Collector

 Community Bus Route 5

 County Line Schedules - Serving points between Summerside and Charlottetown 

  Summerside Schedules


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